The average purchase price of a home in Clare has increased by 90,000 euro in the last decade.

The latest quarterly figures from leading property website show the average price of a home in the Banner county now stands at 241,191 euro

According to the latest Quarterly House Price Report for 2022 , the mean purchase price of a home in County Clare has increased by 14.2%.

This represents the largest year on year percentage increase in Munster and the 7th Nationwide. In perspective at this juncture 12 months ago the average price of a home in Clare was 30,000 euro less at 210,676 euro.

The largest increase in Clare’s property portfolio comes in the way of 1 Bedroom Apartments up 22% to an average asking price of 99,000 euro while the average five bed semi detached home came in at 325,000 up 14.3% from last years figures.

The rapid rate of rising property prices in the Banner county is such that a decade ago the same home could have potentially been purchased for 90,000 euro less, with the average price of a home here 151,211 euro in 2012.

There has also been a marginal decrease in the number of homes available on the Market across Munster in the last year falling from 3,600 homes for sale in June of 2021 compared to 3,300 at the same period this year, a total drop of 8%

However despite the lack of homes available for purchase, property transactions increased by 14% in line with the national trend.

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Published On: 27 June 2022 / Categories: General News /

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